Having trouble learning how to draw?
Share them in Cartoon Clinic!

Cartoon Clinic is a place designed for anyone having problems with drawing, well, cartoons.

It’s not always smooth sailing when it comes to learning how to draw. Trust me, I still have problems constantly. However, what you need is a fellow artist to point out what’s wrong or missing. And to lend a supportive helping hand.

Here’s where Cartoon Clinic comes in! Simply submit your problems and I’ll personally help you through your rough spot. Fellow artists can also provide insightful help to your problems as well!

Pay it Forward! Help out some fellow artists in need by providing encouraging and constructive suggestions. Please remain civil and polite at all times as flames, trolls, and other unnecessary contributions will not be tolerated.

Have a problem with your drawing that you just can't solve?

Share your problems! Not only will you recieve detailed help from me, you might also help out a fellow artist with the same problem. =)

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