How to Draw Clothes and Accessories

This How to Draw Clothes section will teach you the skills you need to draw and design any outfit.

Become an aspiring fashion designer! Create and draw your character’s outfits with the skills you have learnt in each tutorial. Then post them online to showcase your creativity. Someone might want to dress their character in the outfits you created.

So get ready to design, craete and craft your character's outfits, the way you imagined them!

Lesson Plans

Worried that you can’t draw an outfit that fits your characters style? Don’t be. Tutorials will be divided into ‘simplified’ and ‘more detailed’ sections. So if you have a cartoony character, you can pick the ‘simplified’ version. For anime characters, the ‘more detailed’ area would suit your style more.

Here is a rough outline of tutorials I will cover:

  • Simplified
    • Girl outfits
    • Male clothes
    • Accessories

  • More Detailed
    • Girl Tops
    • Girl Bottoms
    • Girl Outifts
    • Male Outfits
    • Accessories

So pick the style that best suits your cartoon character and let’ start designing!

Have any suggestions or questions on drawing? Contact me!

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