How to draw Pikachu

We've watched the shows, hummed the songs, and played the games. Now learn how to draw Pikachu!

How to Draw Pikachu Tutorial

How to draw Pikachu Step 1: Imagine with Guidelines

Imagine Pikachu's pose: Draw shapes for different parts of body

  • Head: Circle
    Draw cross in middle of face to help position facial features.
  • Body: From head, draw a triangle-ish shape about length of head.
  • Arms: Ovals
  • Fingers and Feet: Semi-Circles
  • Ears and Tail: Rectangles
    Length of ear = Length of head

how to draw pikachu guide

Matilda's Tips and Tricks!

Drawing Guidelines

Remember, Imagine with Guidelines! Guides are the skeletons of your drawings.
A drawing with no guides is like a human with no skeleton: Mushy and all over the place, not a very pleasant sight...

How to draw Pikachu Step 2: Sketch out Body

For this step, I recommend sketching lightly with your pencil before going over the outline with a darker pencil.

Head and Body

Things to Note:
  • Top half of head = Semi-circle
  • Area around legs rounded.
  • Body like a plushie.

how to draw pikachu tutorial free 1

Arms and Feet

  • Follow guidlines
  • Fingers = 5 spikes

how to draw pikachu guide 2


  • Outline guide
  • Make each rectangle slightly curved. No need to be entirely accurate.

how to draw pikachu 3


  • Shaped like Surfboards
  • Try not to make bottom narrow

how to draw pikachu tutorial 4

Facial Features

  • Rests on horizontal guideline
  • Eyes are about 2 eyes apart, smaller circles inside for 'white-areas'
  • Nose = a big dot on intersection of cross
  • Mouth = 'W' with middle on vertical cross-line, 'U' at bottom

how to draw pikachu tutorial free 5

I know Pikachu looks cross-eyed now thanks to the 'white-areas', all you have to do is colour the eyes black (except for the smaller circles) and your Pikachu will look much better!

How to draw Pikachu Step 3: Fun Details!

Now that you've learnt how to draw Pikachu, it's time to fill in those little details. Feel free to customise and add in anything you want! Here's the final result:

how to draw pikachu tutorial free final 6

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me. I'll be more than happy to answer any comments or even help you out with your drawing. =)

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