How to Draw Anime Eyes (Female)

Learning how to draw anime eyes is your first step to creating your anime character! Congratulations on taking it!

In anime and manga, a character's eyes can be used to show their personality and moods.

Note that it's important to have an idea of what the eye looks like before attempting to draw any of your own.

So let's take a look at some of their main features!

Features of Anime Eyes

learn how to draw eyes, anime-styled
  • Important areas: the upper eyelid, lower eyelid, pupil and 'white area'.
  • The upper and lower parts of the eye are represented by simple curves. Experiment with them to create various eye shapes
  • The iris does not always appear in manga eyes.
  • 'white areas' within the pupil and iris makes it seem like light is reflected from the eyes.
  • Now that you've got a basic understanding of anime eyes, let's get started with the tutorial!

How to Draw Anime Eyes Tutorial

How to Draw Anime Eyes Step 1: Imagine with Guidelines

Before you begin drawing , always Imagine how you want it to turn out.

In this case, imagine how you want the eyes to look like. Are they big or narrow? Shining with intelligence? Do they convey innocence or mischief? Roughly write or sketch what you have imagined.

Here's what I'm going for: A young girl around the age of 15. Cute and innocent. Big, wide and shining eyes.

Next, lightly draw in some guidelines. Here's how:

  1. Picture the size of one eye
  2. Draw a box of that size (you don't have to be entirely accurate)
  3. Draw 2 more boxes right next to the first box with no space in between

When you're done, you should get something like this:

Guidelines for Anime Eyes

Matilda's Tips and Tricks:

Big, wide eyes will make your character seem young, cute, and innocent. Try using them for kids or teenage girls!

How to Draw Anime Eyes Step 2: Roughly Sketch in Upper and Lower Lids

This is where you start to draw the basic shape for your character's eyes.

How to draw the structure for anime eyes

  • For this particular style, draw a distorted 'n' in the upper half of the box.
  • Draw a short line with a slight curve at the bottom. Any length is fine as long as it isn't longer than the 'n' above.

How to Draw Anime Eyes Step 3: Sketch in Eyeball

From the bottom line, draw an oval upwards. Make sure you leave some space between the oval and the upper eye lid!

<em>Adding the pupil to the eye shape</em>

How to Draw Anime Eyes Step 4: Fill in the Pupil

Right now your anime eyes look pretty blank and dead. Let's add some life to them!

Colouring the eyes

  • As seen in the picture above, draw in a curvy 'M' shape in the middle of your oval. This will mark where the pupil is.
  • Now draw a circle or oval (aka 'white area') above your curvy 'M'. This will become the shining reflection that gives your character intelligence and life!
  • Colour the entire area above your 'M' black. However, make sure you do not colour in any 'white areas'.

Matilda's Tips and Tricks:
White Areas for Lively Eyes

Draw more 'white areas' in your character's eyes to make them seem more lively. You don't have to limit yourself to just 1!

Experiment with various shapes and sizes as well to find the style you like best. Don't forget to look at other eye styles to get more ideas.

Keep in mind however, that there are certain 'no-no' rules for adding white areas. Look out for more information by staying tune to MCDG via Facebook or Twitter!

How to Draw Anime Eyes Step 5: Fun Detail!

Drawing details is fun! There's just so much that you can play around with. From thickening lines, adding eyelashes, and double eyelids, to shading the iris or adding more 'white areas', details make each eye you draw unique.

how to draw anime eyes final

How to draw anime eyes details above:

  • Drew in eyebrows. They can come in any shape or size so you can't go wrong drawing them.
  • Drew in double eyelids. Just follow the top curve of your eye but stop about half way.
  • Lines in the Iris area. Draw lines at irregular lengths towards the middle of the pupil. Try not to allow the lines to touch either the oval or the pupil.
  • Shaded in part of the Iris. If you're using a pencil, start at the pupil and move downwards as if you're colouring. As you move downwards, use lesser and lesser pressure until you're hardly pressing on the paper at all.

    If you're not sure how shading works, stay tuned for the video format of this tutorial for more specific instructions!

Bravo! You have successfully finished the above 'how to draw anime eyes' tutorial! Remember, this is not the only way to draw eyes. Peek at some anime or mangas and observe their eyes. Try drawing them and keep practising!

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