How to Draw Eyes - Manga Style
(part 2)

Hey there again! This is the extended tutorial on How to Draw Eyes, Manga styled.

If you're new to it, check out the first part How to Draw Anime Eyes before starting on the 2nd tutorial. It has more specific instructions to ease you into the anime drawing world. =)

For part 2 of this tutorial, I'll be showing you how female anime eyes can differ along with a refresher course on the steps to draw them. You'll learn how to draw eyes from animes like Naruto and Bleach. So let's get started!

How to Draw Eyes (Manga Styled Part 2)

How to draw Eyes Step 1: Imagine with Guidelines

I'm sure you recognise this step. Imagine how you want your characters manga eyes to look like before you begin. Since I'll be showing you three pairs of manga eyes, there will be 3 different descriptions.

  1. A cold and cool girl around 20+ years of age. Narrow eyes
  2. Headstrong and feminine. Slightly cat like eyes
  3. Calm and rational minded. Very practical. Flatten upper and lower eyelids

Next, draw guidelines:

  1. Picture the size of one eye
  2. Sketch a box of that size (you don't have to be entirely accurate)
  3. Draw 2 more boxes next to the first box

And here's what you'll get with these eyes:

How to draw eyes guide lines

As you can see from the guidelines, manga eyes can vary greatly in shapes and sizes.

Matilda's Tips and Tricks:

  • Narrow eyes can give the impression of an older person, or someone who has a cold personality.
  • Giving your anime characters upturned cat-like eyes can make her look more feminine and sharp.

How to draw Eyes Step 2: Upper and Lower Lids

Like I've mentioned before, this is where you start crafting the shape of your manga eyes. Here's how to draw them:

How to draw eyes shape 2

  • Style 1
    1. Draw a gradual 'n' curve at the top half of the box.
    2. Do a 'u' at the bottom, like a reflection of the one at the top.
    3. Erase a portion of the bottom eyes.

  • Style 2
    1. draw a 'n' top curve
    2. Try to get the highest arc of your 'n' curve to hit the middle of your box.
    3. The outer end of your eye would end around the top part of the box.
    4. For the bottom eyelid, draw a slightly angled line starting near the inner end of the box, continuing over the middle mark.
    5. From there, angle the line upwards , aiming it towards the end of your upper lid.

  • Style 3
    1. Draw a straight line angled slightly down for the upper eyelid.
    2. Draw a line down with a sharp angle, like an arrow head. Stop it near the half point of your guidebox
    3. For the bottom eyelid, draw once again a straight line, this time angling slightly upwards towards the outer edge.
    4. Curve it after the half point and aim it at the end of the top eyelid.

Matlda's Tips and Tricks:

Guides are VERY Useful!Draw as many guide boxes, points, and lines as you need. They're immensely helpful to help you get your drawing proportions correct and might even get you through an art block. =)

How to draw Eyes Step 3: Sketch in Eyeball

How to draw eyes eyeballs 3

Unlike the previous How to Draw tutorial, the pupils and irises in here start from the upper eyelid. So here's how to draw them:

  • Style 1
    1. Simply start a 'U' curve slightly further than the horizontal mid-point and ending at the quarter mark.
    2. remember to leave sufficient amounts of space between the lower eyelid and the centre of the eye!

  • Style 2
    1. Similar to style 1, however draw a circle instead of a 'U'.
    2. Draw a small circle in the centre for the anime eye's pupil.
    3. To make the eyes rather cat-like, you can connect the top and bottom eyelids together.

  • Style 3
    1. This 'U' curve extends all the way down, nearly touching the bottom eyelid.

How to draw Eyes Step 4: Filling in the Pupil and Thickening Eye Edges

How to draw eyes anime style 4

In the first How to Draw Female Anime Eyes tutorial, I mentioned that you can thicken your drawing lines. Doing this allows your anime characters eyes to really stand out. Here's how:

  1. All you need to do is to draw a secondary line below your upper eyelid (and above your lower eyelid).
  2. Make the line such that the gap between your eyelids and your secondary lines is narrower inside and wider outside.
  3. Curve the upper line downwards, connecting it such that it forms and 'arrowhead'
  4. Fill it in along with the pupils. Voila! Thick, outstanding eyes!

Matilda's Tips and Tricks:

  • Thicken your Drawing Lines!
  • To really make your anime eyes Pop, contrast is important. One of the ways you can do that is to use thick, dark lines for some parts of your drawing. Varying the thickness of your lines makes it unique and may have unexpectedly pleasant results!
  • Look mum! No Iris!
  • It is not necessary for anime eyes to contain Irises. Style 3 is a perfect example of that. Try it out, who knows you may like the style!

Step 5: Fun Detail!

In the following, you'll see mostly thin eyebrows and additional eyelashes. Female eyes tend to have these features while male anime eyes have thicker brows and practically no eyelashes.

How to draw eyes anime style final

Here's what I did in the above picture:

  1. Drew in eyebrows. As you can see here, they really can come in any shape and size.
  2. Drew in double eyelids. Just follow the top curve of your eye but stop about half way (for style 1 and 3). For style 2, start at mid-point and stop where your upper eyelid ends.
  3. Eyelashes. You can add more if you wish to, try varying their length and thickness as well. Eyelashes are normally longer towards the outer ends of the eyelids.

And with that you have successfully completed Part 2 of How to Draw Anime Female Eyes! Well done! Remember to keep watching out for more anime eyes and practise whenever you can. Anyone can Draw but it takes practise and patience.

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