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Have you been looking for an artist for hire? I'm opening up vacancies for art commissions!

Not sure what it means to hire/commission an artist? It essentially means to pay an artist to produce an art piece that you want. Here are some reasons why many commission artists:

  • Writers commission artists to illustrate the characters in their fiction.
  • You can commission an artist to design your cartoon characters.
  • To see characters in other drawing styles.
  • To bring your imagination to life.
  • For custom made e-cards.
  • To see you or your friends and family in cartoon or anime form.
  • Not to mention custom, high-quality graphics that you can use on your website or blog.

These are just a few reasons why artists are hired or commissioned. Still interested? Read on! =)

Artist for Hire: Basic Information

Note: Contact me for prices!

Commission Categories

Chibi Character - Color

  • Full body, Clean line art, No background.

Character Creation Sketches/Character Concept Art

  • This category is great for various character designs.
  • 1 full body sketch with 3-4 points of interests/close-ups - your preference.
  • Simple gray-scale shading included.
  • Optional: Artist's thoughts on drawing the characters.

Character Sketch

  • Simple gray-scale shading included, No Background.

Cell-Shaded Character

  • Simple background can be included. Color-soft/Cell-shaded.

More Examples

Visit my portfolio site for more examples!

Artist for Hire: Things to Note

So if you're interested in hiring me, here are a couple of things to note:

  • All commissions are done digitally.
  • Upon confirmation of price, half must be paid upfront.
  • 2-3 draft variations will be sent to you. Once you pick a favourite, the 2nd half of the payment must be made within 3 days. I will only start on the finalised piece upon receiving full payment.
  • Finished pieces will be sent to you in this format: Jpeg, 300dpi
  • Payment will be accepted through Paypal only. Payment must also be made in USD.
  • All prices stated are in USD.
  • Art pieces are produced mainly for personal use. If you wish to commission me for purposes other than personal use, feel free to contact me for further detail.

I Accept:

  • Original Characters
  • Fanart
  • Shoujo/Shounen-ai
  • Almost anything that is not listed below really.

Characters/Situations that I will not accept:
(They're either inappropriate or I can't give you something of great quality.)

  • No full nudity or porn.
  • Mechas
  • Inflation Art
  • Anything Offensive

Like I mentioned above, if I find that I'm unable to give you value for money, your submission will be rejected. This is to ensure production of art pieces with greater than satisfactory quality.

So how do I Commission you?

All you have to do now is to fill in the e-form below. Here's an example of a submission:

First Name: Matilda
(It's important to give your full name so that I can differentiate your request.)

Last Name: Sim

E-mail Address:
(Enter your paypal email address. Any further contact will also be made to this email address.)

Commission Type: Character Creation Sketch, option 1

Request Info: (This is where you type the basic information of what you'd like me to draw.) An original character named Kyle... blah blah.

I should get back to you via your given email address in 3-4 days time. Additional information regarding the confirmation process will also be sent to your email. Remember to check your junk folder if you don't see it in your inbox!

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