Beautiful skull

by Yvonne
(South Korea)

my skull

my skull

Who thought that a student who never passed art could draw skulls? Now I can thanks to my cartoon drawing guide. This is a wonderful site. Absolutely wonderful site.

I think everyone should take a look at it. I thought other drawing sites were good. Will THE greatest site please stand up?

I hope you like my skull!

I can't wait for more tutorials!

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Oct 17, 2010
I think there is room for improvement
by: Danielle Evans

I like your skull but I think that you can improve the picture by quite a bit.

For example, the jawline seems a bit wide. It doesn't seem to fit the profile of a generic skull. Why not head down to google images and checking some possible structures of skull to get the approximate proportions before your next attempt at drawing.

Also, I felt that the lines above the skull's ear like, the curvy lines extending upwards were forced to by symmetrical. I think you shouldn't be too worried, and instead be more bold and brazen with your lines. Art is a form of expression after all.

Try experimenting more with your drawings. Maybe go for another expression, or try making a scary skull or something else. Don't be too tied down by the tutorial. It's up to you how you make your drawings appear!

Hope my constructive criticisms help.


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