Drawing Pumpkin Faces

Hi and welcome to yet another Halloween special tutorial: Drawing Pumpkin Faces! I’m Matilda, your cartoon drawing sidekick, and I’ll be guiding you through every step of this tutorial.

Drawing Pumpkin Faces Step 1: Imagine with Guidelines

  1. Before attempting to draw anything, always remember to visualise what you want to draw. For this tutorial, imagine how you want the pumpkin to look like.

    E.g. what is its shape or size? What expression does it have?

  2. Write or sketch down what you’ve imagined.

    E.g. an absolutely terrified pumpkin at the end of its wits. Probably with an unusual long face shape.

  3. Draw Guidelines using basic shapes for your pumpkin.

    Main: Rather like a triangle with its top cut off. Draw a cross in the middle to indicate the middle of your pumpkin’s face.
    Stem: Just roughly sketch in a rectangle or twisting shape.

Drawing Pumpkin Faces Step 2: Sketching in the Main Body

For this step, try sketching lightly over your guidelines till you’re happy with the end result. Then use a darker pencil to draw over the lines. Totally saves you from excessive erasing.

  1. Face
    • Sketch in a rounded version of the shape you have. It’s fine if the lines aren’t entirely smooth since pumpkins tend to have bumps as well.
    • Round off the top of the pumpkin’s face with inward curves. These will serve as your pumpkin faces eyebrows.

  2. Stem
    • The stem of your pumpkin can come in any form really. You can turn it into a twisting vine or a short stump. Here I have a slightly longer stump that twists abit.
    • Simply draw over the guidelines and add the inner curve you see to give it that twisting look.

  3. Expression
    • Mouth: Depending on your pumpkin faces’ expression, the size and shape of its mouth will vary. Since I’m going for an expression of terror I’m making its mouth gaping and slightly wobbly.
    • Eyes: I decided to follow the pumpkins’ body shape and go for something long. You can try using other shapes, widths and lengths to vary your pumpkin face! The curves on top of the eyes are also a part of the eyebrows.
    • Nose: A simple triangle. The grooves inside give it a slightly 3d look.

Drawing Pumpkin Faces Final Step: Fun details!

Excellent work on rolling through the tutorial! All that’s left is to add in various details to your pumpkin face! Here’s what I did:

  • Added in ‘wrinkles’ around eyes and mouth.
  • Drew lines down the face. It’s kinda like the grooves on a pumpkin.
  • Also drew in a chin. Hmm I think I like bumpy pumpkin faces.
  • O, and I also added in tears at the corners of both eyes. Nothing screams ‘I’m an adorable terrified pumpkin!’ like little tear droplets.

And Ta da! Your very own pumpkin face! Feel free to change its expression, face shape and details to produce an entirely different effect! I hope you enjoyed this Halloween special tutorial and look out for more spooky treats!

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