Evil Demons Drawings

Step by step Evil Demon Drawings

Hey there and welcome to this Evil Demons Drawings tutorial!

I'll be guiding you through drawing your very own evil demon in this step by step tutorial. So grab your drawing tools and get ready to create a scary devil!

Evil Demons Drawings Tutorial

Evil Demons Drawings Step 1: Imagine with Guidelines

Imagine what you want to draw.

If you've seen my other tutorials you'll know that I always mention this: It's important to visualise what you want to create before drawing anything.

For example, what kind of demon do you want to draw? What does it look like?

Write or Sketch down what you've imagined.

If you have multiple ideas, just jot them all down or do very rough sketches of them. Then pick the one you like the most.

E.g. a demon that's small but agile. Huge eyes and horns embedded in head. Small wings and clawed hands and feet.

Sketch in Guidelines for youe evil demons drawings using basic shapes.

It's not hard to create guidelines with practise. Using the information that you've collected above, we'll translate that into a rough skeleton for your demon. Here's what I did for mine:
  • Head: Oval with a cross in the middle. The horizontal line is where I'd like the middle of the demon's eyes to be.

  • Body: Start by drawing a 'T'. The horizontal line is where the shoulders are and the vertical line is roughly where the middle of the demon's body is.Then sketch in the shape of your demon's body. The demon here has its body turned at an angle. (Dark Green lines.)

  • Ribcage and Pelvis: Sketch in the ribcage and pelvis for more accurate anatomy. The ribcage is egg-shaped and stops slightly below mid-body while the pelvis is an oval on its side.

  • Limbs: Both the arms and legs have 3 main sections. Simply draw them out like you would a stick person. Keep in mind the joint areas in red.

  • Wings: I drew in the general shape for them. Feel free to add in more detailed guides if you want to. (There will be a more detailed guide on wings in the dragon section.)

Evil Demons Drawings Step 2: Sketch out your Demon

For this step, remember to try to sketch lightly first to get the general shape you want. When you're satisfied with your picture, go over it with a darker line for the line art. =)


  • Follow the oval guideline and mark the spots where you want the horns to be. That is if you want horns for your demon.
  • Remember to research the different types of horns you can use! I'll be using horns similar to a desert horned lizard for this evil demons drawing.
  • In this case, the horn has a 'base' which it protrudes out of. Roughly draw a small area popping out from your demon's head then add the triangular horns on top.


  • Let's start with the shoulders of the demon. First off draw a large curve over the shoulder joint guides that you added. (The curve will go into the arm area as well.)
  • For the shoulder on the left, connect it to the head. The shoulder on the right can be connected directly to the head due to the demon's arm angle.
  • Now for the main body! Basically sketch in a shape similar to that of your guideline, adjusting where necessary.


  • First up, check out the extra guidelines I've added for the demon's left arm. You've got the upper arm and the forearm along with the triangle hand. (Blue Areas)
  • Then you've got the Green Areas which consist of the armpit, elbow and wrist. The armpit connects the arm to the chest area.
  • The guides are pretty much the same for the right arm except for the elbow. From the side view the elbow's sharp and the upper part of the forearm is straighter.
  • The arms can be a little tricky, so don't be discouraged if you don't get it the first time round! =)


  • The demon's hand has 2 fingers and a thumb. They're all clawed and look similar to the horns. (You can't see the demons thumbs in the main picture because it's grabbing onto something.)
  • There's a layer of webbing between the fingers, kinda like a frog's feet.

  • Check out the close up of the hands in their different positions. Look out for the joint areas and make the fingers as knobby and wrinkly as you'd like!


  • Pretty much the same as the arms. Take a look at the additional evil demons drawings guidelines I've drawn on the right leg. You've got the thigh, calf and foot for the Blue Areas.
  • And you've got the knee and ankle for the Green Connecting Areas.
  • Once again the side view is slightly different. The knee is bent with a sharp point while the undersides of the thigh and calf are more curved than the top.


  • Think of the demon's feet as longer and bigger versions of his hands. (Well, without the thumb that is.)
  • The toes are much longer and bigger. They also have the frog-like webbing between them.
  • You can check out the hand references for the feet as well since they're almost the same.


  • Eyes: Simply start the upper portion on the horizontal cross-line that you drew and curve it upwards. Then draw in the bottom curve for the eye at whatever size you'd like.
  • You can also try adding wrinkles and those mini-eyebrows to add a more demonic look!
  • Add in 'white circles' to make a shine effect. Feel free to add more if you'd like.
  • Mouth: Draw in the upper curve for the mouth. Then connect the mouth to the face with 'mouth wrinkles'.
  • Sketch in a mouthful of sharp triangle teeth.


  • Moving on to the next step: drawing in wings for the demon! If you'd prefer him to be wingless, feel free to skip this step.
  • I'll be using bat-like wings for the demon. The general idea for bat wings is to add in extra limbs (arms) to the back. The fingers are then extended and have thin membranes between them to form the wings. (There will be an in depth section on wings for the dragon tutorials.)
  • However I won't be drawing enitrely anatomically correct wings. They're just roughly based off the description above. Check out the different styles I've used on the right and left wings.

  • Sketch in the skeleton structure for the demons wings first. E.g. 'arm' and elongated 'fingers'.

  • Now connect the 'fingers' together. You can also tip the end of each 'finger' with a claw.

  • Sketch in the wing membranes between the 'finger' bones. You can try making them look 'folded' by drawing uneven edges.

  • Evil Demons Drawings Final Step: Fun Details!

    And we're at the final step of this evil demons drawings tutorial: drawing details. Excellent job so far! Just add in the little unique details to your picture to make it stand out even more! Here's what I did:

    • Erased unnecessary lines.
    • Added more 'white shine areas' to the eyes.
    • Sketched in abit of detail for the chest and ribcage.
    • Filled in small patches of areas with scales. Try not to draw in too much cause it'll look overkill. ^_^"

    Great job on successfully completing this evil demons drawings tutorial! You've drawn yourself an absolutely horrific evil demon! If you liked this tutorial, why not share it with your family and friends?

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