How to Draw a Cat

Learn How to Draw a Cat with this Step-by-Step
online drawing tutorial!

Hi! Welcome to my How to Draw a Cat online drawing tutorial! Here, you'll learn the steps to create your very own Cartoon Cat.
So grab your drawing tools and join me, your drawing sidekick, in bringing your feline furball to life!

How to Draw a Cat online drawing Tutorial

How to Draw a Cat Step 1: Imagine with Guidelines

Imagine what you'd like to draw.

What does your cat look like? What pose is it in?

Sketch or Write down what you pictured.

Example: A plush-like, huggable, squeezable, pinch-able cat. (Erm... ^_^" I decided to be descriptive?)

Sketch in Guidelines using basic shapes.

  • Head: Circle
    Add a cross in the middle for centre of head and eye positions.
  • Ears: 2 Triangles
  • Body: Oval
  • Legs: Triangles for each leg
  • Paws: Attach a circle to each front leg. Add 2 semi-circles for back paws.
Click for larger image.

How to Draw a Cat Step 2: Sketch in your Cartoon Cat


Follow the guideline and draw a semi-circle at the top. Then an oval at the bottom.


Make the tips slightly rounded.

Body and Legs:

Trace the guidelines, making the legs rounder at the bottom to give it the 'plush toy' look.

Back Paws:

Simply trace the guides while making the edges round.

Front Paws:

Each paw has 4 round paw pads - 3 small 1 big.
The 3 small pads are placed like fingers. The big one is placed like your palm.


Add 2 black circles (or anything else that you would like) as eyes on the horizontal head guideline. So they're kinda resting on your cat face's oval.


Draw a huge yawning oval from just beneath the eyes till it's almost at the bottom of your oval.

How to Draw a Cat Step 3: Fun Details!

Brrrravo on reaching the final step! Go You! Now all you have to do is to add in the finishing details on your cat. Here's what I did:

  • Erased some of the lines.
    (Lines between Head and Ears, between body and front paws, parts of the face oval.)
  • Added in triangle stripe on face.
  • Drew in tongue and fang.
  • Inside of Ears.
  • An oval belly.
Matilda's Tips and Tricks!

Research, Experiment, and Practise!

It's important to remember that while Anyone can Draw, you have to put in the effort to create yor own masterpiece. Here are a few ways you can improve:

  • Research
    Find examples on what you're drawing e.g. Cats. Use them to get an idea of how cats look and behave like, and then turn them into your own cartoon characters.
  • Experiment
    Try out different ways of drawing cartoon cats! The sky's the limit! These are some of the designs I sketched out before creating this tutorial:

  • Practise, Practise, Practise!
    Well, this is a no-brainer really. Practise!
    Keep all of your previous drawings, even ones you think are crap. One day when you look back, you'll be amazed at how much you've improved.

    (Seriously, when I look back at My old drawings, I spend a good hour wondering what possessed me to draw Cartoon Underwear.)

So just follow these three steps and you'll definitely improve!

If you have any problems, simply send them in to my cartoon drawing guides' Cartoon Clinic and I'll answer all your questions personally.

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