How to Draw a Fish

Learn how to draw a Fish in MCDG's online drawing classes.

Come on in! Here, you'll learn how to draw a fish in a few simple steps.

For this online drawing class, I'll be drawing a puffer fish and guiding you through the process step by step. So grab your pencils or tablets, and get ready to draw!

How to Draw Fish online drawing classes

Step 1: Imagine with Guidelines

First off, imagine what fish you're drawing.

  • Imagine it's position and features as well
  • Look for images of fish on google to help you out.

Sketch down or write down the cartoon fish you pictured.

  • Example: A side view of a puffer fish

Now we'll draw in basic shapes for our guidelines.

  • Draw a Semi-circle on top.
  • Add a larger Semi-circle on the bottom.
    Note! Make sure only the left side extends out!
  • Draw a triangle starting from top to near bottom of 1st semi-circle.
  • Sketch in line at middle of top semi-circle for eye.

how to draw a fish guide

How to Draw a Fish Step 2: Draw in the Body

For this step you can avoid excessive erasing if you sketch the steps lightly first, then go over it with a darker pencil when you're happy with your drawing.

Top Body, Tail and Mouth

  • For body and tail, simply trace over the guidelines starting from mid-point of semi circle.
  • Mouth: Draw a flipped over '3'

how to draw a fish mouth, fin and tail

Bottom Body

  • Follow the guides, starting from end of mouth till tail.

how to draw a fish


  • Top Fin: Small triangle starting where top body and tail connects.
  • Draw triangle-ish Flipped 'C's for the others.

how to draw a fish 3


  • Rests on Mid-way guideline.
  • Draw a circle with a smaller circle inside for light reflection aka 'white area'
  • Lightly sketch some lines around circle.

how to draw a fish 4

How to Draw a Fish Final Step: Fun Details!

A job well done for reaching this far! All you have to do now is to add in little details to brighten up your cartoon puffer fish. Here's the final result:

how to draw a fish final cartoon

  • Drew in some back patterns. Simply draw a wavy line till the tail and add in spots.
  • Erased unneeded lines at tail.
  • Added little hair-like lines around belly cause puffer fishes have them.

Matilda's Tips and Tricks!

Eye Touch

Here are a few examples of how you can tweak and create different types of cartoon characters.

You can get a variety of different looks just by changing a cartoon character's facial features!

how to draw fish eyes
Click for larger image.

Remember to experiment and play around with what kind of eyes and facial features you would like. Research and practise!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you'd like to share with us your masterpiece, you can post it in Your Gallery!

Or if you're having problems drawing, share it in ourCartoon Clinic and I'll help you out personally!

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