How to Draw a Frog

How to Draw a Frog cartoon character of your own

Hi and welcome to My Cartoon Drawing Guide's how to draw a frog tutorial.I'm Matilda, your cartoon drawing sidekick and I'll walk you through each step to creating cartoon frogs of your own!

How to Draw a Frog Tutorial

How to Draw a Frog Step 1: Imagine with Guidelines

Before you can start drawing, you have to know what you want to draw right?

Imagine the cartoon character.

E.g. is your cartoon frog small or big?
What is s/he feeling?
What pose is it in?

Sketch or write down what you've pictured.

E.g. a frog crouching down with an 'all-knowing' look.
(I think my mum has that look sometimes.)

Lightly sketch in Guidelines using
basic shapes.

  • Head: Oval on it's side.
  • Eyes: 2 circles of different sizes.
  • Body: Egg-shapes with the pointy end downwards.
  • Arms and Legs: Think Stick People. Simply draw lines in the position that you want the arms to be.

How to Draw a Frog Step 2: Sketching/Drawing in the Body

Try sketching lightly for this step before using a darker pencil to go over the final lines. This way it'll save you plenty of effort erasing lines that you don't want. ^_^

Head, Body and Eyes

  • Simply trace over the guidelines
    (aren't guidelines wonderful? =D)


  • Simply draw over the guides and draw an additional line to turn the arm into a tube.
  • Draw a curve from the body to the inner arm line. Kinda like how your arm is connected to your body! (and not sticking out weirdly ^_^")


  • The legs can be divided into 3 portions. Look at the additional guidelines that I've added below.
  • It resembles your legs when you're squatting down! So try squatting down in front of a mirror and see how your legs look like. =)


  • This cartoon frog has something that resembles 3 fingers and a thumb.
  • First draw out stick fingers
  • Add a circle at the end of each finger (they're like suction pads!)
  • Draw in the finger such that it becomes a tube (like the arm) and add webbing in between the fingers.
  • For the thumb, just turn it into a tube but make the tip slightly rounder.


  • Like the fingers, draw in stick toes first.
  • Add your circular suction cups at the tip of each toe.
  • Tubify your toes! (haha...tubify.) Then remember to add webbing between each toe!


  • Eyes: Draw a line across each circle then draw a semi-circle starting from that line.
  • Mouth: A wide curve upwards, about the length of the eyes.
  • Markings: Starting from the ends of your cartoon frog's mouth, draw curves down it's chin and body for it's markings.

How to Draw a Frog Final Step: Fun Details!

Congratulations! You've reached the final step of drawing your cartoon frog! All you have to do now is to add in details to it. Here's what I did:

  • Added in some spots (that kinda looks like freckles)
  • You can even add items to your frog. Perhaps a crown (your very own frog prince)?

Matilda's Tips and Tricks!

Express yourself!

Instil you cartoon characters with personality and emotion! They can be happy, sad, angry, or just...dumb. Sketch them all out!

If you find this difficult, try mimicking these emotions in a mirror and see how your eyebrows, eyes and mouth work! Wrinkle lines are also important in expressing emotions. Here are a couple of examples:

Observe, sketch and practice! Anyone can Draw, all it takes is hard work and determination! =D

And that's the end of this how to draw a frog tutorial! Remember to experiment with different shapes or expressions and keep practising!

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