How to Draw a Monkey

Ever wanted to learn how to draw a monkey in simple steps? Then you've come to the right place! For this tutorial, I'll teach you the skills you need to draw a cartoon monkey.

How to Draw a Monkey online drawing class

How to Draw a Monkey Step 1: Imagine with References and Guidelines

Imagine your monkey's pose and what he/she looks like.

eg: what kind of monkey do u want to draw? His/her species? fur color? mood or posture?

If you have a somewhat unclear picture of the character you'd like to draw, the best way would be to search online for reference pictures to get a better idea of what you'd like to draw. =)

Write or sketch it down quickly.

eg: a cute baby monkey grasping onto something.

Roughly sketch in some basic shapes.

  • Start with a circle for the head.
  • Draw a cross to indicate middle of face and eyes.
  • Halfway below eyes = Nose
  • Halfway below nose = Mouth
  • Ears = 'C' shapes
  • Middle of ear = eye line
how to draw a monkey
  • Add in circles and lines for arms and hands.
  • I wanted the cartoon monkey to be holding something, so I drew a line to indicate that object.
how to draw a monkey 2

How to Draw a Monkey Step 2: Sketching the outlines

Matilda's Tips and Tricks:

Sketching Lightly

For those who use pencils, you might want to sketch your lines lightly first before darkening it when you're satisfied with the shape.

  • Draw a heart shape in middle of face.
  • From the heart, draw a semi circle that extends pass the circle.
  • Sketch head such that top is wider than bottom

how to draw a monkey 3

  • eyes = 2 circles with curve on top for eye lid
  • mouth= wide 'W' shape at guideline
  • Erase portion of 'heart' till semicircle
  • nose = 2 dashes
  • Ears= 'C's with some uneven edges

how to draw a monkey 4

  • Arms= Connect the circles and line
  • Fingers= Rough rectangles

how to draw a monkey 5

How to Draw a Monkey Step 3: Fun Details!

You're at the final step of drawing your monkey! Adding details allows you to bring out the features of your monkey.

how to draw a monkey 6


I'm pretty sure almost all monkeys have fur. Throw in some strands of fur to make your monkey look...less Bald. Here are some things to note:

  • Try to make each strand curvy. It makes the fur look softer.
  • Don't draw the fur strands too thick
  • You do not have to cover every inch of your cartoon monkey in fur. Just a couple strands here and there will do.

White area in eye

Adding white spots in the eyes make them seem bright and intelligent. Simply draw two small circles (or more, if you wish to) in the eyes. When colouring, do not fill in the white areas.

Write a message!

Since this monkey's carrying something, you can make it seem like it's holding a message. It will look great on the cover of any card or email. Simply write your message in the blank space and Voila!

how to draw a monkey final

I hope you've enjoyed and learnt from this tutorial. You can draw and create animals anyway you want as long as you follow the general steps: Imagine, Reference, Shapes, Sketch, Draw, Details. Practise often and I'll see you in the nest online drawing class! =D

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