How to Draw a Rabbit

Hi there and welcome to my How to Draw a Rabbit tutorial! I'm your drawing sidekick, Matilda, and I'll be guiding you through this simple cartoon rabbit tutorial every step of the way.

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How to Draw a Rabbit Step 1: Imagine with Guidelines

Before you begin drawing, it's important to Imagine how you want your cartoon character to look like.

e.g. what is his/her pose? Mood? Features?
If you have no idea what to draw, search for pictures of rabbits online to inspire you!

Sketch or write down your ideas.

e.g. A simple plush bunny with huge ears and rounded features. Perhaps abit of stitching on its body or face.

Sketch in some Guidelines using basic shapes.

  • Head: A circle with a cross in the middle indicating middle of head.
  • Ears: Two rectangles with rounded edges.
  • Body: An oval that's narrower near the Head.
  • Arms: Half a tear drop connected to the body.
  • Feet: Semi-circles
Matilda's Tips and Tricks!

Guidelines work! Really!

I know you might be thinking: Matilda, why in the world do we need guidelines? Can't we just, ya know, start Drawing?

Yes, you can actually. But I can't guarantee that your character won't turn out distorted. One of the best ways to avoid drawing a mouse that ends up looking like an elephant (a good friend of mine did that once) is to draw guidelines.

Besides, it's simple! Here are some examples:

Click for larger image.

So remember to try drawing guidelines whenever you can. Or you might just end up with an elephant-like mouse. ^_^"

How to Draw a Rabbit Step 2: Sketch in your Cartoon Rabbit

A short reminder before we proceed, you might want to try keeping your lines light until you're happy with how your cartoon bunny looks. When you're done, draw over the lines with a darker pencil to avoid excessive erasing. Cleaning up eraser dust isn't fun, let me tell ya that. =P

Head and Ears

Simply follow the guidelines you have drawn. Feel free to customise outside of the guides though. You don't have to be exact.


Arms and Feet

Follow the guidelines as well, however don't draw over the lines that have already been drawn (aka body and head).


Simply add two circles on your horizontal head cross guideline and smaller white circles inside. Try to space them at least one eye apart.
Add a triangle-ish spot on the mid line near your rabbits' eyes for its nose.

How to Draw a Rabbit Last Step: Fun Details!

One of the last steps of drawing is to add in details. Here's what I did:

  • Added in sewing patterns in middle of face. Simply draw a dotted line down the vertical face guideline.
  • Drew in an oval tummy.
  • Lines inside ear and feet.

And there you have it, a basic cartoon bunny of your very own! But don't stop there, customise it! Draw it again in different poses! Or better yet, try out some realistic looking ones then convert them into cartoons. Don't be daunted by them, remember: Anyone can Draw!

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