How to Draw Dog

A How to Draw Dog characters online drawing tutorial

Welcome to my How to Draw Dog online drawing class! Here, I'll guide you through the skills and steps that you need to draw cartoon dogs.

Ready? Let's get started then!

How to Draw Dog Tutorial

Step 1: Imagine with Guidelines

Always remember to picture what you want to draw beforehand.

cute cartoon dogs If you haven't a clue, look for reference pictures online!

Write or sketch down what you've pictured.

Eg: A cute cartoon dog sitting

Sketch in some basic shapes for Guidelines.

  • Head: Circle with cross in middle for face.
  • Ears: 2 triangles flopping downwards past middle cross line on face.
  • Chest: An oval about the same size as head but extends pass right side.
  • Legs: Rectangles slightly longer than length of head. Start at extreme ends of Chest.
  • Feet: Small rectangles slightly wider than leg.
  • Body and Back Leg: The back end of a cube.

how to draw dog guide 1

how to draw dog guide 2

How to Draw Dog Step 2: Sketching the Body

Head, Ears and Chest

  • Simply outline the guidelines.
  • Ears: Make the edges rounder and connect with your cartoon dogs head.
  • Play around with the size of your dogs ears.

Legs and feet

  • Legs: Area near chest is rounded due to bones and muscles.
  • Legs lean slightly inward.

how to draw dog 1

Body and Back Legs

  • End of body = Rounded
  • Connect chest to front leg.
  • Back Legs: Rounded area for muscles. Long paws.

how to draw dog 2

Matilda's Tips and Tricks!

Skeleton Leg Guides

Animal legs can be tricky, even in cartoon form! One way you can make it simpler is to add in skeleton guides. Let's use our cartoon dogs back legs as an example.

When drawing dog legs, remember that there are 4 joints and 4 areas. (Highlighted below)

The blue lines represent joints and bones. The red and green areas are the muscles.

how to draw dog leg

Here are more examples of using the skeleguide to draw back legs.

how to draw dog leg examples

Of course, there's no need for you to go absolutely gaga over this. Unless you're going for a more realistic look, knowing the general areas should be enough. =)


  • Eyes: position on horizontal mid-line. Place small circles inside for 'white areas'.
  • Mouth: A wide 'W' with middle points touching nose.
  • Tongue: A 'U' longer than head.

how to draw dog 3

How to Draw Dog Step 3: Fun Details!

...aaaaand you've reached the last step of this tutorial! Drawing in details! Feel free to customise your dog in any way you want to! To give you an example, here's what I did:

how to draw dog final

  • Erased parts of chest, body, face, and back leg.
  • SPOTS~!
  • Drew in a tail.
  • Added in Fur. Lots and lots of fur.
How to Draw Fur

Kinda like curvy spikes.

Vary the length and thickness of each strand.

Try not to draw them Everywhere That'll be tad bit... overkill.

Concentrate on certain areas and maybe draw one or two strands in others. You can even leave areas entirely blank!

There you have it! Your very own cartoon dog! I certainly hope you've enjoyed and learnt from this tutorial. Remember to check out the other fun and interesting How to Draw tutorials in the site. =D

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