How to Draw Skull Cartoons

How to Draw Skull Cartoons - from creation to finished product!

Welcome to my How to Draw Skull Cartoons tutorial!

Fantastic for any scary occasion, from Halloween to decorations for a haunted house, nothing says 'spooky' like a grinning skull!

I'm Matilda, your cartoon drawing guide and I'll be walking you through yet another one of my online drawing classes. =)

How to Draw Skull Cartoons: Anatomy of the Skull

So before we attempt to draw a cartoon skull, let's take a look at a more realistic one.

  1. Orange: Huge eye sockets.
  2. Red: Nose area is like an upside-down heart.
  3. Green: Where your cheekbones are.

Matilda's Tips and Tricks!

Studying Proper Anatomy

It helps alot to know how things look like or work in real life before drawing them in cartoon.

Take for example this skull tutorial we're about to do, if you didn't know how a skull looked like, it'd be pretty hard to draw it out, wouldn't it? ^_^"

So it's important to look for reference pictures and try sketching them out in a realistic manner as well. Then you'll have a much better idea of how to turn it into a cartoon! =)

How to Draw Skull Cartoons Step 1: Imagining with Guidelines

  1. Imagine what you want to draw.

    E.g. what will the features of the skull look like? What expressions will it have?
  2. Write or sketch down what you have pictured.

    E.g. A grinning slightly menacing looking skull perfect for Halloween!
  3. Draw Guidelines using basic shapes.

    Head (top): Circle

    Head (lower): The lower portion is the same height as the circle. Just 2 lines and an upside-down triangle with the end chopped off.
    Draw a cross approximately at the middle of the face to let you know where to place the facial features.

    Eyes: The eyes are at the horizontal cross line. How big do you want them to be? Draw a box the size of how you want the eye to be for both sides. Make sure to leave a gap in the middle!

How to Draw Skull Cartoons Step 2: Sketching out the Skull

For the following steps, you might want to try sketching out your lines lightly. Only go over with a darker line when you’re happy with your final product. This way, you don’t have to spend as much effort erasing unwanted lines. ^_^"

Head Structure

  • Draw over the round guideline, stopping where the green line intersects.
  • Draw an 'S' shaped curve on the right starting slightly below the middle line and going upwards. Do the opposite for the left side.
  • Below the 'S' curves are the curves for the cheekbones.

Eye Sockets/Eyes

  • Well technically a skull doesn't have eyebrows. Just a protruding area above the eye sockets. But hey, it's cartoon, where practically anything goes!

  • So when you've decided what expression your skull's gonna have, draw the brows in! They don't have to fit into the boxes you've drawn for your eyes.

  • Next the eyes, if you look at the slightly more realistic drawing above, you'll notice that the eye sockets are kinda in the shape of classic Ray-Ben sunglasses. Draw them in using the boxes as your guides!

  • Here I have one eye squinting. Remember you don't always have to show the full 'eye'.


  • Like I've mentioned above, the nose is in an upside down heart. Use the cross to position it in the middle.


  • So now you're gonna draw the teeth and upper jaw of the skull.
  • Start from the cheekbones, sloping down earlier if you want wider teeth or later if you want something narrower.
  • Add a line in the middle cause we're drawing 2 sets of teeth. =)

How to Draw Skull Cartoons Final Step: Fun Details!

Great work on reaching the final step! All that's left to do is to add in the details for your cartoon skull! Here's what I did:

  • Added in 'wrinkles' under eye-sockets.
  • 'Teeth' lines.
  • Separation for lower jaw. Simply draw in curves from the upper mouth to lower mouth.
  • A triangular indent at the chin area which you can also see in the more realistic skull.

That's it for this How to Draw Skull Cartoons tutorial! Remember to experiment and practice often. Happy Drawing! =D

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